About Us

Sarıca Law Firm was founded by Oğuzhan Sarıca in Antalya in 2020 with a vision to provide legal services at international standards. 

As Sarıca Law Firm, we offer professional legal services in Turkish and English. Though we are established in Antalya, we work in cooperation with various law firms across Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Ankara.

Transparency and accountability lie at the heart of our organization.  Accordingly, we provide straightforward legal advice to our clients while avoiding legal jargon. We also take special care to inform our clients at every stage of our services. 

İstanbul Üniversitesi

(LL.B. 2014)

Antalya Bilim Üniversitesi

(LL.B. 2018)

King’s College London

(LL.M. 2019)
Languages: Türkçe, İngilizce